10 Best Sniper Rifles – Deadliest Sniper Rifles You Ever Seen

The best sniper rifles in the world is Barrett.50 Cal, which is manufactured in America. Modern weapons are necessary for any country’s military to defend their country. One most useful weapons of the military is the Sniper rifle. These are high target range with 100 percent accuracy. 

There are many factors that make a shotgun deadly, like barrel length, weight, grains, and many other factors. In the modern age of technology, every country makes better their weapon system and it represents the military influence of a country. Here you will read about Best Sniper Rifles that are the deadliest and have high ranges.

There are many best snipers in the world & everyone has a different view because they have different calibers and different features. Everybody found it useful in various aspects like distance shooting and High Accuracy.

Best sniper rifles Reviews 2024

L42 Enfield – British

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Uk bolt action L42 Enfield rifle was formed in 1985. In the first half of the 20th century, it is used by the British military forces. L42 Enfield has the capability to target a range of 1.829 meters. This rifle has used in all three world wars and the Irish war of independence.

SR-25 – American

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SR-25 is manufactured by knight’s Armament Company America in 1990. It is a semi-automatic rifle and the designer of the rifle was Eugene Stoner. Sr-25 has been used since 1990 and has also been used in Iraq War, Afghanistan War, and East Timorese crisis in 2006. It is a heavyweight sniper weight 10 pounds and length I 1,118 mm with a barrel length of 610mm.

AS50 – British

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  • Bullet Drop Compensator reticle for up to 800 meters
  • Sniper Gray finish
  • Forged aluminum housing

British designed an anti-material rifle in 2007 to facilitate their army. The manufacturer of the AS50 is British firearm producer Accuracy International. It is popular due to its level of accuracy, incendiary ammunition and firing five rounds in 1.6 seconds only. The target range of this sniper is 1800 meters.

M24 – American

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US Army made this rifle during the Vietnam war when they needed a high-accuracy rifle. M24 Sniper weapon system has evolved this rifle as an adaptation of the M14 rifle. It is semi-automatic and uses 20 round box magazine. This sniper rifle has a 7.62× 51mm NATO cartridge.

PSG1 – German

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In 1972 when the Munich massacre happened, German Army gives the responsibility to Heckler & Koch to manufacture a high-accuracy rifle. Then they came with a semi-synthetic PSGI rifle. It is highly useful for the police and the army with a large magazine capacity.

The Dragunov SVD – Soviet Union

Trijicon ACOG TA31-D-100308 4x 32 Dual Illuminated Red Chevron .223 BAC Reticle Scope, Sniper Gray
  • 4x magnification with a 32mm objective lens
  • Red Chevron BDC reticle
  • Bullet Drop Compensator reticle for up to 800 meters
  • Sniper Gray finish
  • Forged aluminum housing

It was originally a squad support weapon and was designed in 1958 by the Soviet Union. Dragunov SVD has been used since 1963, and it has many unique features which make it best for military purposes. It is 10 round detachable box sniper with a 620 mm barrel length and has a gas piston system.

Mosin – Nagant – Russian

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The Russian military’s most powerful bolt action rifle is Mosin-Nagant. It was developed by the Imperial Russian Army and has been used since 1891. The weight of the rifle is 8.8lb and its length is 1,232 mm with the high internal magazine as compared to others snipers. Accuracy is 100 % even in terrible condition.

L115A3 AWM – British

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British sniper rifle comes with day and night optics is L115A3 AWM. It is in service since 1996 and was designed by Accuracy International for magnum rifle cartridge chambering. This bolt action rifle has been used in Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The weight of the sniper is 14.3 lb and length is 1200mm, and it uses 5 round detachable box magazine. L115A3 AWM has a range of 1400 meters.

CheyTac Intervention – American

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A sniper with perfect range, firepower, and accuracy. The most powerful military in the world has owned this sniper which targets up to 2300 meters range. CheyTac has the most accurate sniper system in the world.

Barrett .50 Cal – American

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Barrett .50 Cal is the best sniper rifle in the world. It is manufactured by the American Barrett firearms manufacturing company. This sniper has two variants Original M82A1 and Bullpup M82A2. Barrett has been used since 1989 and is still in use around the world. It has .50 BMG chambering and knows as Light fifty. This bolt action sniper comes with 2600 meters range and does not miss the target.


We conclude that powerful weapons are necessary for the safety of any country. Above mentioned snipers are the most powerful in the world and do not miss a target in any situation. Most of these have been used in war and proved their power. The countries which possessed these snipers have the latest technology in these rifles.

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