Sig MCX Folding Stock Reviews: How To Choose A Folding Stock?

Are you looking for a folding stock for your rifle? The Sig MCX Folding Stock is the perfect choice. It’s designed to provide superior stability and accuracy, while also allowing you to quickly fold it up when not in use. Plus, its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

With the Sig MCX Folding Stock, you’ll have all the features of a full-sized stock without sacrificing any performance or comfort. You can easily adjust the length of pull and cheek weld height so that it fits perfectly on any shooter’s body type. And with its durable construction, this folding stock will last through years of heavy use without breaking down or becoming damaged.

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Sig Sauer MCX CO2 Rifle, Black air Rifle
  • caliber: 0.177
  • velocity: 700.00 ft/sec
  • Warranty: 30 Day Limited Warranty
  • Semiauto, 30rd Roto Belt Mag
Sig Sauer Airgun Virtus ASP .22 Caliber Precision Air Rifle with 250 x Venom Pellets 14.5gr Bundle
  • Sig Sauer MCX Virtus PCP Air Rifle; .22 caliber (Pellet); Semi-Automatic; Synthetic stock
  • M-LOK Handguard; Flip-up front and rear sights; 30-round RPM rapid pellet magazine
  • Rifled 17.5 inch barrel; Regulated 13 cubic inch air cylinder w/ male quick disconnect fill fitting
  • 3000 psi fill pressure; 1100 psi regulator pressure
  • Velocities up to 700 FPS; Energies up to 12FPE

Things To Consider When Buying Sig MCX Folding Stock

Sig MCX Folding Stock

Types of Folding Stocks

Choosing the right folding stock for your firearm can be a daunting task since there are numerous types available in the market, each designed with its own characteristics and features. The most common types of folding stocks are collapsible stocks, side-folding stocks, and adjustable stocks.

Collapsible stocks are designed to enable the user to adjust the length of the stock to fit their body type, while also providing more maneuverability. Side-folding stocks are designed for easy storage and transport, allowing users to quickly fold and store their firearm when not in use. Adjustable stocks feature adjustable cheek pieces or butt plates which allow users to customize the fit of their stock to their body type.


The design of the folding stock is an important factor to consider when making a purchase. Folding stocks are generally constructed from strong materials such as aluminum, polymer or steel, and these materials can provide different levels of durability and resistance depending on your needs. Additionally, most folding stocks will feature textured surfaces and/or rubberized grips to ensure maximum comfort while shooting.

Weight and Balance

The weight and balance of the folding stock is an important factor to consider when making a purchase, as it directly affects how easy the firearm will be to maneuver. Heavier stocks provide greater resistance against recoil, but also make for a more cumbersome weapon. Lighter-weight stocks are not as resistant to recoil, but offer greater maneuverability.

Length of Pull

The length of pull is the distance from the trigger to your shoulder when the firearm is shouldered and it’s important to consider this measurement when selecting a folding stock. Different body types may require different lengths of pull in order to maintain comfort and accuracy while shooting.

Material and Weight Considerations

When selecting a folding stock, it is important to consider the material and weight of the stock as they both have an impact on the overall performance of your firearm. Stocks made from lightweight materials such as polymer are often more comfortable to use, however they may be less durable than heavier stocks made from materials like aluminum or steel. Consider the weight of your firearm as well, and make sure that the stock you choose is compatible with your gun’s action.

Sig MCX Folding Stock


The ergonomic design of a folding stock can have a significant influence on its usability and comfort level for the user. Look for features such as adjustable cheek pieces, rubberized surfaces, and textured grips to improve the overall ergonomic design of the stock. Additionally, make sure that the stock you choose is comfortable to use while wearing tactical gear or protective clothing.


Before making a purchase, it is important to make sure that the folding stock you have chosen will be compatible with your firearm. Make sure that the stock fits securely and snugly onto your gun, and pay close attention to any additional components or accessories needed for installation. Also be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications regarding compatibility with specific firearms, as certain stocks may only be compatible with certain models.


The durability of a folding stock is an important factor to consider, as it must be able to withstand heavy use and abuse. Look for stocks made from high-quality materials that are designed to be corrosion resistant, shockproof, and weatherproof. Pay attention to the construction of the stock and make sure any moving parts are well-made with durable components. Additionally, check for warranties and customer reviews to ensure the stock you purchase is durable and reliable.

Another important factor to consider before buying a folding stock is the amount of wear and tear it can withstand. Look for stocks that are made from materials that are designed to be resistant to corrosion, shock, and weather damage. Additionally, check for warranties offered by the manufacturer as well as customer reviews to ensure that you will get a long lasting product. The materials used in the construction should be of high-quality and all moving parts should be well-made.

Quality and Price Range

Folding stocks come in a wide variety of prices and quality levels, so it’s important to consider both when making your choice. Higher quality stocks are often made from more durable materials and come with additional features such as adjustable cheek pieces, textured grips, and rubberized surfaces. On the other hand, budget-friendly options may be lighter and simpler in design but have fewer features or durability. Consider your needs and select the stock that best suits them while also meeting your budget.

Sig MCX Folding Stock Review

Sig MCX Folding Stock

Sig MCX Folding Stock is a great option for those looking for a high quality and reliable folding stock for their MCX rifles. This stock is manufactured from aluminum, making it lightweight and very durable. The folding design allows the user to easily transport their rifle and store it in tight spaces without having to worry about damaging the stock or its components.

Additionally, this stock features QD sling swivel points on both sides for easy attachment of slings. The stock also includes an adjustable cheek piece to ensure a perfect fit and maximum comfort when shooting. Overall, the Sig MCX Folding Stock is a great choice for any shooter looking for a high quality folding stock that will provide them with years of reliable service.

SIG SAUER MCX Pellet Flat Dark Earth Air Rifle
  • Caliber: 0.177
  • Velocity: 700.00 ft/sec
  • Warranty: 30 day limited Warranty

The quality of the stock is unparalleled, as Sig Sauer has a long history of making some of the best firearms in the world. Along with its overall quality, this stock also provides many features to enhance your shooting experience. The adjustable cheek piece allows you to customize the fit while keeping your eyes level with the sight. Additionally, it comes with an ambidextrous release for easy and comfortable operation.

Overall, the Sig MCX Folding Stock is a great option for anyone looking for a durable and reliable stock that will enhance their shooting experience. It features many features to improve accuracy and comfort, while still remaining lightweight and easy to transport.

Who Is Sig MCX Folding Stock For?

The Sig MCX Folding Stock is an excellent choice for shooters who are looking for a lightweight, folding stock that can provide them with superior accuracy and stability. This stock is designed to fit the SIG MCX rifle platform, offering users a stable platform from which to launch their shots. The folding feature of the stock allows it to be quickly and easily transported, and it can be collapsed down to a compact size for storage or transport.

Pros Of Sig MCX Folding Stock

The Sig MCX Folding Stock offers a number of benefits to shooters. Firstly, its lightweight design makes it ideal for shooters who are looking for a stock that they can take with them on the go without being weighed down by its bulkiness. Additionally, the folding feature allows users to quickly and easily transport or store the stock, while still maintaining a stable platform on which to fire their shots. Finally, the stock is designed in such a way that it provides superior accuracy and stability when firing.

Cons Of Sig MCX Folding Stock

The primary drawback of this folding stock is its price tag; as with all other products from SIG Sauer, the Sig MCX Folding Stock is fairly expensive. Additionally, the folding feature may require some practice and familiarity in order to become proficient in its use. Finally, due to the stock’s lightweight construction, it may not be as durable or reliable as a heavier duty stock that is designed for more rugged use.

Features & Benefits

Sig MCX Folding Stock


The first thing about the Sig MCX Folding Stock is its design. It has an ergonomic, lightweight and low profile design that makes it very comfortable to use even in tight spaces or for long periods of time. The folding stock also allows you to adjust the length-of-pull (LOP) from 13” to 10”, giving you the flexibility to customize the fit of your firearm.


The Sig MCX Folding Stock is designed with a solid locking mechanism that ensures it will remain locked in place when deployed. This makes it extremely durable, even in harsh conditions. Additionally, the stock incorporates a rubber butt pad for added comfort and better recoil control. The durability of the stock also ensures that it won’t need to be replaced frequently.


The Sig MCX Folding Stock offers a variety of features and functionality that make it an ideal choice for many different shooting applications. It has dual, adjustable cheek pieces so you can achieve a perfect fit for your face and eyes, as well as a rubber butt pad for added comfort. Additionally, the stock has three QD sling attachment points for easy and convenient mounting of slings and other accessories. Finally, it is compatible with both left and right-handed shooters so anyone can use it comfortably.


Another great feature of the Sig MCX Folding Stock is its compatibility with a variety of firearms. It has been designed to fit both the Sig Sauer MCX and MPX rifles, as well as many other brands and models of firearms. This ensures that you can find the perfect stock for your firearm regardless of what type or brand it is.

Sig MCX Folding Stock

Quality Materials

Last but not least, the Sig MCX Folding Stock is made from high-quality materials that make it both strong and lightweight. This ensures that not only will it last for many years, but also offer you a comfortable shooting experience without any added weight or bulk. Additionally, the stock is corrosion resistant so you don’t have to worry about it rusting or becoming damaged over time.


Sig Sauer also offers a lifetime warranty on the Sig MCX Folding Stock, meaning that if you ever have any issues with it, you can get it repaired or replaced free of charge. This is great peace of mind and ensures that your stock will last for many years to come.

The Sig MCX Folding Stock is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable, comfortable and adjustable stock for their firearm. With its ergonomic design, adjustable LOP, QD sling points and lifetime warranty, this is one of the best stocks on the market. Whether you’re looking for something that can handle harsh conditionsl.


The Sig MCX Folding Stock is also extremely affordable and can be purchased for just a fraction of the cost of some other stocks. This makes it an excellent choice for those who are on a budget or simply don’t want to spend too much on their firearm accessories.

Sig MCX Folding Stock Alternatives

WORKER F10555 3D Printing No.175 UBR Folding Stock

WORKER F10555 3D Upgrade Kit for Stryfe
  • Compatible with Nerf toys only.
  • Compatible with Nerf Strike motored toys and Super soaker series, such as Stryfe. Compatible with Nerf series springer toys, such as the Retaliator 、Troops. You must use it with a Adapter (adapter not included).
  • Transform your toy into an awe-inspiring masterpiece with our captivating decoration, adding a cool and stylish touch that will surely impress.
  • Please note that the product you purchased is 3D printed using PLA material. To maintain its integrity, please avoid exposing it to high temperatures.
  • Toys and adaptor not included!

WORKER F10555 3D Printing No.175 UBR Folding Stock is a perfect alternative to the Sig MCX Folding Stock. This stock is designed for Nerf Stryfe, and it can be used on other similar toys as well. The stock features a folding design, allowing you to quickly adjust the length of the stock and find the most comfortable position when shooting.

It also offers a great ergonomic design that improves your aim, making it easier to hit the target. Additionally, its construction from high-quality 3D printed ABS plastic material provides excellent durability and prevents wear and tear for extended use. The stock can be quickly installed on your Nerf blaster with the included mounting hardware, giving you a quick upgrade to improve accuracy when shooting.

If the Sig MCX Folding Stock isn’t quite what you’re looking for, the WORKER F10555 3D Printing No.175 UBR Folding Stock is definitely worth considering. With its excellent ergonomics and durable construction, it makes a great alternative that can provide an instant improvement to your shooting accuracy.

The most excellent feature of the WORKER F10555 3D Printing No.175 UBR Folding Stock is its affordable price, which makes it a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their Nerf blaster on a budget. Whether you’re an experienced shooter or just starting out, this stock offers all the features you need to improve your accuracy.

Pinty 4-in-1 Rifle Scope Combo

Pinty 4-in-1 Rifle Scope Combo, 3-9x32 Rangefinder Scope, Red & Green Dot Sight, Green Laser, 14 Slots Riser
  • 4 in 1, comes with a rangefinder riflescope, a green laser sight, a red/green dot sight and a 14 slots riser everything you will ever need.
  • Magnifications from 3X up to 9X, green/red illuminations with 5 brightness adjustments for both the riflescope and electronic unlimited brightness control for the dot sight, 4 reticle patterns also available for the red/green dot sight.
  • Red/green dot reflex sight with bottom switch - highly accurate optic and substitute for overpriced holographic clear, high resolution image unlimited eye relief and wide field of view.
  • Picatinny mount easily mountable to any 22mm rails; Multi-coated optics with O-ring sealing and nitrogen filling ensures 100% water and fog-proof.
  • Unsurpassed light transmission, uncompromising mechanical performance and clarity.

Pinty 4-in-1 Rifle Scope Combo is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their rifle. This combo includes a Sig MCX Folding Stock, 4-16x50EG Red/Green Illuminated Rangefinder riflescope, and an adjustable picatinny mount.

The folding stock makes it easy to store or transport your firearm when not in use, while its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable shooting experience. The 4-16x50EG scope features red and green illuminated reticles with five brightness settings, allowing you to adjust the intensity of your reticle for optimal visibility in any environment.

Additionally, the adjustable picatinny mount makes it easy to install this rifle combo on most weapons platforms. With its durable construction and excellent performance, the Pinty 4-in-1 Rifle Scope Combo is an ideal choice for any precision shooter.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned shooter, the Pinty 4-in-1 Rifle Scope Combo with Sig MCX Folding Stock can help elevate your shooting experience to the next level. Get it today and take your rifle accuracy to the next level.

WORKER Collapsible L Shape Shoulder Stock Injection Mold 

No products found.

WORKER Collapsible L Shape Shoulder Stock Injection Mold is designed specifically for SIG MCX Folding Stock series. It is designed to give the weapon an improved ergonomic design and provides a better control in aiming precision. The stock is made from high-quality injection molded ABS plastic material, which provides excellent durability and prevents wear and tear.

Besides that, the stock has an adjustable length of pull to accommodate various body sizes, while its quick detach design makes it easy to install or remove in a jiffy. The shoulder stock features adjustable cheek rest, giving the user more comfort in shooting accuracy. Its compact design allows for easy storage and transport when not in use. This quality product is made of durable and lightweight injection-molded polymer that is resistant to rust and corrosion.

Additionally, it has a rubberized buttplate for better stability when shooting. This shoulder stock will easily attach to the SIG MCX Folding Stock series and provides an enhanced shooting experience. It is a great addition to any airsoft enthusiast’s arsenal. Get yours today and take your shooting game up a notch.

Whether you are an experienced veteran or just starting out in airsoft, the WORKER Collapsible L Shape Shoulder Stock Injection Mold is a great addition to your SIG MCX Folding Stock series.

With its improved ergonomic design and adjustable cheek rest, it will greatly improve your accuracy when shooting. The lightweight, durable injection-molded polymer will hold up to any environment and the rubberized buttplate will add stability when aiming. Get yours today and take your shooting game to the next level.


Sig MCX Folding Stock

How do I install a Sig MCX Folding Stock?

Installing a Sig MCX Folding Stock is an easy process that can be completed quickly. Before beginning, you should make sure to have all the necessary tools on hand, including a hex key or Allen wrench, and any additional hardware as specified by the manufacturer.

Does the Sig MCX Folding Stock come with any additional accessories?

The Sig MCX Folding Stock may come with a few additional accessories, such as a slotted locking pin, buffer tube adapter, castle nut and end plate. Depending on the version of the stock, there may also be an extended cheek weld cheek rest or built-in QD sling mounts. The folding stock also comes with its own hardware for mounting the stock.

How durable is the Sig MCX Folding Stock?

The Sig MCX Folding Stock is built with high-quality materials and is designed for long-term use. The stock has been tested to ensure that it can withstand regular wear and tear, making it a reliable option for any firearm. Additionally, the stock is corrosion-resistant and has a black anodized finish for added protection.

Can I adjust the length of pull on my Sig MCX Folding Stock?

Yes. The stock includes an adjustable butt pad that makes it easy to customize the length of pull to your preferences. The butt pad can be adjusted to three different positions, allowing you to find the right fit for your body and shooting style.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the Sig MCX Folding Stock?

The Sig MCX Folding Stock can accommodate up to 3 lbs (1.3 kg) of additional weight. It is important to note that this weight capacity should not be exceeded, as it can lead to damage or malfunction of the stock. The stock is also designed to hold up to 5 lbs (2.26 kg) of gear and accessories, such as optics or other attachments.


Sig Sauer MCX CO2 Rifle + Dot Sight, Black air Rifle
  • caliber: 0.177
  • velocity: 700.00 ft/sec
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty
  • Semiauto, 30rd Roto Belt Mag

The Sig MCX Folding Stock offers a great solution for shooters who want to upgrade their rifles with an adjustable stock without sacrificing quality. This unique product is highly versatile and can be adjusted to fit the needs of any shooter, no matter what size or type of rifle they have. With its durable construction and reliable performance, the Sig MCX Folding Stock is sure to provide years of dependable service in any environment.

Whether you are looking for an ergonomic design that allows you to quickly adjust your shooting stance or just need something more comfortable than traditional stocks, this folding stock has it all. Give yourself the edge at the range by investing in a high-quality piece like the Sig MCX Folding Stock today!

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