Grand Power P1 Pistol Review 2023 – Is It Worth Buy?

Are you looking for a pistol that can be used for multiple purposes? Grand Power P1 has just the right product to meet your needs. This versatile handgun is designed to deliver performance in any situation, from concealed carry and duty use to competitive shooting. With its impressive features and capabilities, it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing this reliable weapon. So if you’re searching for a dependable firearm that can do it all, check out the P1 from Grand Power!

Things to consider before buying a Grand Power

Grand Power P1

Write some paragraphs with five H3 about important things to consider before buying a Grand PowerWhen making a major purchase like a Grand Power, it’s important to do your research and consider all the factors that will affect your decision. From understanding the power output of different models to considering fuel efficiency and environmental impact, there are many factors to take into account when selecting the right Grand Power for you. Here are five things to keep in mind before buying a Grand Power. 

Power Output 

The power output of a Grand Power will determine how much work it can do with less effort. The higher the power output, the more horsepower and torque the engine has and the greater the overall performance of the machine. Research different models to find one that produces enough power for your specific needs.

Fuel Efficiency

Grand Powers are designed for maximum fuel efficiency so you don’t have to worry about wasting energy or money on gas every time you use it. Look for a model that has fuel-injected engines as well as low-emission technology to ensure optimal fuel economy and environmental friendliness. 

Maintenance Costs 

Grand Power P1

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your Grand Power running efficiently, so it’s important to consider the costs associated with owning and operating a Grand Power. Check for warranties and service plans that cover parts of the machine so you can get the most out of it without breaking the bank. 

Environmental Impact 

Grand Powers are designed to run efficiently and reduce environmental impact, but some models may have higher emissions than others. Look for a machine that meets or exceeds industry standards when it comes to fuel efficiency and emissions testing so you can make an eco-friendly choice. 

Safety Features 

Safety should always be top of mind when buying any type of machinery, and this is especially true with Grand Powers due to their powerful engines. Look for models that have built-in safety features such as rollover protection systems, fire extinguishers, and automatic shut down switches to ensure maximum security while operating the machine. 

In conclusion, buying a Grand Power is a major decision and requires careful research and consideration of all factors to ensure you make the best selection for your individual needs. Be sure to keep these five things in mind before purchasing a Grand Power so you can get the most out of your investment.

Presenting Grand Power P1

Grand Power P1

The P1 model is a highly sought-after weapon designed for concealed carrying and personal defense. This gun boasts a SA/DA mechanism and is equipped with a shorter barrel and slide, making it a more compact version of the K100. Despite its size, the P1 maintains the same firing capacity as its full-sized counterparts and offers unparalleled comfort of grip.

The shortened barrel does not compromise the accuracy or shooting action of the gun, providing users with a reliable and efficient weapon. Additionally, the P1 boasts a side-adjustable steel rear sight and a plastic front sight, with the option to upgrade to a fibre-optic front sight for increased precision. With all these features, the P1 is the perfect choice for those who value both functionality and style in a concealed carry handgun.


1. The firearm has an excellent trigger performance straight out of the box, which contributes to ease and accuracy in shooting.

2. The design of the firearm makes it comfortable to hold and aims very precisely, allowing for quick and accurate shooting.

3. The combined features of the firearm, including trigger performance and ergonomic design, make shooting quickly and effectively an effortless task.


1. The proprietary front sight can sometimes pose challenges when aiming quickly.

2. The slide release can be difficult to access, which may slow down the shooter in certain scenarios.

3. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has engraved their name and logo on the slide of some firearms, which some users may find undesirable or aesthetically unappealing. 

Grand Power P1 Overview

Caliber9mm Luger
Trigger mechanismSA / DA
Trigger pull weight20-25N / 35-40N
Overall length187,5 mm
Height without magazine133,5 mm
Width36 mm
Barrel length93 mm
Weight w/o magazine690 g
Weight w empty magazine770 g
Standard magazine capacity15

Grand Power P1: Features & Benefits

Grand Power has been producing exceptional firearms for a long time, and its latest offering is no exception. The P1 combines the best of concealed carry, duty use and competition shooting in one sleek package. It’s sure to be a hit with shooters looking for an all-around great pistol that can handle any situation. 

The P1 features a durable frame made from 7075 aluminum alloy that weighs just 22 ounces unloaded; it also has an ambidextrous magazine release and slide catch. The trigger pull is crisp and consistent at 4-5 pounds, allowing you to get off accurate shots quickly while still providing enough feedback to make follow up shots easy. 

This gun also comes equipped with adjustable sights so you can dial in your aim as needed, along with interchangeable backstraps so you can find the perfect fit for your hand size. With all these features packed into such a small package, it’s no wonder why the P1 Ultra is becoming popular among shooters everywhere!

Size & Weight

Grand Power P1

The P1 pistol is comparable in size to the popular Glock 19, though it has a slightly taller frame with added room for a comfortable grip. However, the P1 is significantly heavier than the Glock 19 because it features a steel chassis with a polymer exterior. The P1 is roughly the same width as the Glock 19, making it easy to conceal and carry around all day.

If you require further detailed specifications and visuals of the P1, they are readily available online. From personal experience, I can attest that the P1 can be carried comfortably for extended periods of time while using a Comptac Minotaur holster.


The ambidextrous design of this pistol is a standout feature. It’s important to note that this isn’t just an option to switch things over to the other side – everything is already in place on both sides. The magazine release is situated in the perfect spot for easy use, and the magazines drop free without any issues. The slide catch is a highlight, functioning flawlessly and releasing with ease. However, it could benefit from being slightly rounded off – initially, it scraped against tables and holsters. 

The safety is incredibly well-placed, evoking images of CZ or 1911 placement. One particularly notable aspect is that it isn’t also a decocker like some other models, such as the HK or FNX. While some individuals may find it challenging to decock their pistol without a button to assist, I personally appreciate this design choice. Additionally, the slide can be pulled back even if the pistol is already cocked and locked. 

On the other hand, there are a few negative aspects worth mentioning. For example, the indicator displays red when the pistol is on safe, which may bother some users. However, I don’t find it particularly bothersome personally, and it seems that the manufacturer is implementing a change in color to blue to address this concern. 

Finally, the takedown mechanism is relatively straightforward, although somewhat different than what most individuals are used to. It takes some time to get accustomed to, but it becomes much easier with practice. The newer models will have a more Glock-like takedown mechanism, which may be more familiar for some users. Overall, this pistol is a great choice for those seeking an ambidextrous design coupled with an excellent safety and slide catch mechanism.


When it comes to the sights that come with this particular pistol, they are certainly worth mentioning. The front post is quite unique, boasting a very square shape that aids in providing a sharp and clear sight picture. Additionally, the rear sight is passable, although it’s not my personal preference, as I plan to swap mine out for a Dawson Precision rear sight.

However, it’s still a decent enough sight given its rounded design, which is perfect for those who plan on carrying this firearm concealed. Overall, the sights included with this pistol are impressive and offer a level of accuracy that is truly hard to beat.


Grand Power P1

The FNS-9C pistol boasts excellent ergonomics that make it feel comfortable and balanced in the hand. It comes equipped with four different grips, making it easy to customize to your preferences. However, it should be noted that no grip removing tool is included in the package, so be sure to have a screwdriver handy if you need to swap out the grips.

One of the grips happens to be the second smallest one, which positions the shooter perfectly on target as soon as the pistol is raised. The controls are all easily accessible with your fingers, and there’s no need to adjust your grip in order to operate them comfortably. Overall, the FNS-9C feels incredible in the hand and is a joy to shoot.

While it doesn’t have a magwell, it still reloads quickly and efficiently, making it comparable to other guns in its league. In fact, it holds its own against many other high-performance pistols, like the Trojan for instance. Needless to say, the FNS-9C is a top contender for anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable handgun.


If you’re considering purchasing a DA/SA gun, you need to take a moment and read this paragraph. The factory trigger on this gun is absolutely phenomenal, and may even surpass the one on my STI Trojan (though only by a hair). Not only does it have less travel than a P99, but it also resets more quickly. In fact, it’s as good as (if not better than) the CZ Shadow in terms of travel.

While the double action is impressive, I personally tend to stick with carrying the gun cocked and locked. It’s worth noting that I can double tap this gun faster than any other I’ve owned, with the possible exception of my Buckmark. All in all, I can confidently say that this gun has one of the best factory triggers I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.


In terms of speed and agility, the gun I’m currently using is second to none – with the exception of my trusty Buckmark. It’s incredibly easy to double tap, and I attribute this not only to its weight but also its rotating barrel. This design feature, coupled with the firearm’s low bore axis and sufficiently large grip, work together seamlessly to absorb what little recoil remains. I’m truly impressed with this gun’s performance and handling, and it’s quickly become one of my favorites.

About the Company

The Grand Power line of pistols has been quite successful in the European market and caught the attention of many gun enthusiasts in the United States through their exclusive importer, STI. However, it seems that STI may have halted their distribution due to the high retail price, which made customers hesitant to purchase them over more established brands.

Fortunately, the new importer, Century Arms, picked up the line and has been able to keep up with the demand. Nonetheless, it appears that a new partnership is in the works, as Grand Power may be seeking a distributor with shared principles and values that align with their commitment to excellence. This move is not a reflection of dissatisfaction with Century Arms, who have proven to be responsive and knowledgeable when answering customer questions. All signs point towards Grand Power continuing to value customer service and aiming to exceed expectations in every aspect of their business, including distribution.

grand power p1 Alternatives

If you’re in the market for a new pistol, the Grand Power P1  is definitely worth checking out. However, it’s important to compare it to other options before making a decision. Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your individual preferences and needs. However, the following alternatives are definitely worth considering.

Glock 19X Gen5 .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol

Umarex Glock 19X Gen5 .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol, Spare 18-Shot Magazine (Mag Only)
  • .177 BB Mag
  • 18-round capacity
  • Compatible with Glock 19X Gen 5 .177 Caliber BB Pistol
  • Air Guns Accessories Magazines
  • Great Quality Product

The Glock 19X Gen5 .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol is a force to be reckoned with. Its blowback action and full metal slide give it a realistic feel, making it great for both training and recreational shooting. With a semi-auto feature, this pistol fires quickly and accurately, making it perfect for target practice or self-defense training. The 18-round drop free magazine ensures that you won’t have to reload frequently, letting you focus on your aim and accuracy.

The barrel and frame are made of durable metal, ensuring that this BB gun will last for years to come. Fans of the Glock brand will appreciate the attention to detail and quality that has gone into this air pistol. Overall, the Glock 19X Gen5 .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol is a top-of-the-line choice for those looking for a realistic and reliable air pistol. 


– Blowback action and full metal slide for a realistic feel

– Semi-auto feature allows for fast shooting with accuracy 

– 18 round drop free magazine requires less reloading 

– Durable barrel and frame made of metal ensure long lasting use 


– Pricier than other air pistols on the market

Umarex GLOCK 17 Blowback .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol

The Umarex GLOCK 17 Blowback .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol is an exceptional air pistol that provides an experience almost identical to firing a real Glock 17. This air pistol is capable of firing .177 caliber steel BBs at up to 320 fps, making it an excellent choice for those who want to improve their accuracy and reflexes.

The pistol also features a full metal slide, drop-out metal mag, and realistic controls that provide top-notch handling and performance. What makes this air pistol exceptional is its blowback action that provides a realistic recoil, making it feel like a real firearm. The fixed Glock-style sights and officially licensed Glock markings provide the pistol with a realistic appearance.

The Umarex GLOCK 17 Blowback .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol is compatible with most aftermarket duty holsters, making it perfect for those who want a more realistic training experience. Overall, this air pistol is an impressive investment that provides unparalleled performance and will give you a realistic training experience.


– High firing speed of up to 320 fps

– Full metal slide and drop out mags for realistic action

– Realistic blowback recoil provides a genuine shooting experience 

– Fixed Glock style sights and officially licensed Glock markings 

– Compatible with most aftermarket duty holsters 


– Requires CO2 gas (not included) to operate 

– Not appropriate for young children due to the realistic appearance and recoil action.               

GIock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB Semiautomatic Gun Air Pistol with Wearable4U Bundle

The GIock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB Semiautomatic Gun Air Pistol with Wearable4U Bundle is a great investment for both seasoned shooters and beginners alike. This air pistol is powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge and has a double and semi-action trigger for ease of use. It also features an integrated push button safety in the trigger for added security.

The GIock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB Semiautomatic Gun Air Pistol is equipped with an alloy steel barrel and frame made of metal for durability and longevity. It also comes with a spare mag, 5x CO2 tanks, and 1,500x .177 cal steel BBs, providing you with everything you need to begin shooting right away. The traditional GIock U-shaped rear sight and white dot front sight allow for accurate shots, and the Weaver accessory mount is perfect for adding a scope or optic.

The GIock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB Semiautomatic Gun Air Pistol shoots .177 caliber steel BBs at up to 410 fps, giving you plenty of power for plinking, target shooting, or pest control. Overall, this air pistol is a reliable and versatile choice for those who want a quality air pistol that performs above and beyond with a great bundle in the Wearable4U package.


– Powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge 

– Double / Semi Action trigger for ease of use 

– Integrated push button safety in the trigger for added security  

– Alloy steel barrel and metal frame make it durable and long lasting 

– Comes with spare mag, 5x CO2 tanks, and 1500x .177 cal steel BBs 

– Traditional GIock U-shaped rear sight and white dot front sight offer accuracy 

– Weaver accessory mount allows you to add a scope or optic  


– May require additional purchases such as ammo to get started 

– Not suitable for younger users such as children under 18 years old.


The Grand Power P1 is a well-designed and reliable firearm that has gained popularity among gun enthusiasts and law enforcement agencies. It offers a comfortable grip, smooth trigger pull, and excellent accuracy. The rotating barrel system of the P1 enhances its accuracy and reduces recoil, making it easy to shoot and control. Additionally, the gun’s design allows for easy maintenance and cleaning, ensuring its longevity.

Overall, the Grand Power P1 is a top-performing gun that has received positive feedback from gun owners and experts alike. Its quality construction, precision engineering, and advanced features make it a reliable and efficient firearm for self-defense, law enforcement, and recreational shooting. If you’re looking for a high-quality pistol, the Grand Power P1 is a great option to consider.

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