BEST DADO BLADE – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best dado blade

If you are a master in woodworking or you are just getting started, you will need to have the right tools for the job at hand. Irrespective of the project you are taking on, having a good blade or set of blades is one of the keys to your woodworking success. A dado cutter will …

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10 Best Damascus Knives: Strength Meets Beauty

damascus knives

A Damascus steel knife is a piece that any lover of good cooking would appreciate having at their disposal. Damascus knives are a type of blade manufactured with Damascus steel. Named after the capital city of Syria, Damascus knives are made with distinctive patterns that mimic the appearance of flowing water. These pattern-welded knives are …

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5 of the Best Zero Tolerance Knives

best zero tolerance knives

When you’re looking for an EDC whether in emergency cases or just for your day-to-day, zero tolerance knives (ZT) are the go-to options. They’re designed for use in various situations, especially tactical or combat ones. In this guide, you’ll discover a bit more about the best Zero Tolerance knives in addition to a quick rundown …

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The Best Karambit Knife: A Buyer’s Guide for the Best Karambit Knives

best karambit

Outdoors enthusiasts and anyone looking for self-defense weapons know that the right knife will make all the difference in both safety and utility. You might want to look at the best Karambit knives in this review. A weak blade, awkward grip, or shoddy craftsmanship can destroy the benefits of owning a knife at all. At …

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The Best Tactical Knife – An Overview of the Top 10 Choices

best tactical knife

Tactical knives are often described as knives that have military features. They are rugged tools that have a variety of uses. A tactical knife can serve as your everyday utility blade or as a self-defense weapon. They must be designed for both daily chores and emergency uses. Tactical knife sales have soared in recent years. …

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Top 7 Best Flipper Knives for Any Budget

best flipper knives

Flipper knives, also known as flippers, just like folding knives, offer a safe and convenient way to carry your sharp everyday carry knife on your person by enabling the blade to fold safely into the frame; however, they also include a flipper lever for fast opening, and it also serves as a thumb-guard. The best …

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Top 11 Best Assisted Opening Knives You’ll Find In The Market

best assisted opening knives

One of the most in-demand folding knives on the market today are assisted opening knives. This type of folding knife is equipped with a spring or bar that assists the user to deploy the blade with a simple flip of the thumb stud. As an external force is required to engage the spring and create …

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Best OTF Knife: Buyer’s Guide

best otf knife

The best OTF knife is a specialized knife with a relatively small piece of the knife market. Thanks to the mainstream media, however, these knives have become more popular. The OTF is very similar to a switchblade and, in truth, a type of switchblade. Those not familiar with the OTF will confuse it for a …

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