Really Heavy Metal – Meet Man at Arms weapons master Tony Swatton

2013-07-04: Geek Exchange Article

Man at Arms weapons master Tony Swatton fulfills all your sword and armor needs.

By Jeff Bond
Photos by David E. Williams

It’s a typical day on the set of the web series Man at Arms: Some guy is getting out of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle van and being attacked by martial arts experts: nunchaku, tonfa and sai clash, and skulls appear to get smashed. It’s a chilly February day in this miniature backlot off of Victory Blvd. in Burbank, CA, but there’s a young woman in a bikini standing out of range of the cameras shooting the action sequence, waiting for whatever use the director will find for her.

Meanwhile, in the stygian recesses of his workshop just a few feet away, weapons maker Tony Swatton is beating a replica of Oddjob’s razor-brimmed bowler hat into shape. Literally. With a hammer and a blowtorch. Big and burly, his face covered with a blacksmith’s mask of soot, Swatton runs his shop, Sword and Stone, by day and labors creating medieval battle implements — swords, shields, lances and armor — for film and movie productions, or just for rent by deep-pocketed cosplayers. He seems like a cross between a Viking and a bookworm, exactly the kind of guy who would happily wade into a battle to slay a few dozen invaders so he could get back to his reading.

really heavy metal 3 300x450 Really Heavy Metal  Meet Man at Arms weapons master Tony Swatton

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Reddit AMA Interview

2013-05-23: Reddit AMA Interview

I am Tony Swatton, a blacksmith who's made weapons and armor for over 200 films and TV shows. AMA.

Hey reddit! I'm Tony Swatton. I've made prop weaponry and armor for countless things you watch, AND I make real weapons from your favorite shows, movies and videogames in my show on the AweMe YouTube Channel
EDIT: Thank you all so much! I've had such a great time answering your questions the last couple hours. Keep watching the show, maybe we can do another one of these AMAs for season three! Keep your comments coming here or on YouTube.

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Break Media’s ‘Man At Arms’ Gives NMR The Full Behind-the-Scenes Destruction Tour [VIDEO]

2013-04-24: New Media Rockstars

man at arms1 Break Medias Man At Arms Gives NMR The Full Behind the Scenes Destruction Tour [VIDEO]
I like everything about “Man At Arms,” the blacksmith adventure show found on Break Media’s AWE ME channel. In fact, I like it so much, that when the good people of Break invited NMR down to Tony Swatton’s “The Sword & the Stone” blacksmith shop to watch them film, I started screaming and punching holes in walls. Then, when I found out we were scheduled to come down on the day when they would be using the built swords to destroy stuff, I took off my clothes and started a fire (I don’t have a appropriate comprehension of social norms …).

View the Behind the Scenes video below...

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Forging His Way: Q&A with Hollywood Blacksmith Tony Swatton

2013-03-18: Time Entertainment Article

The self-taught metal worker is the star of the YouTube series 'Man at Arms'

Nothing says movie magic like the not-actually-magic work of blacksmith Tony Swatton, star of the YouTube series Nothing says movie magic like the not-actually-magic work of blacksmith Tony Swatton, star of the YouTube series Man at Arms. In the show, which has its finale on Mar. 18, Swatton recreates some of the most well-known weapons from pop culture and real life. He’s remade Jaime Lannister’s sword from Game of Thrones, Odd Job’s hat, the sword from the cartoon Adventure Time, Raphael’s sais from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman‘s Batarangs and, in the finale, He-Man’s sword. The series has nearly 2 million views at this point, and Swatton is about to start on the next round of episodes, based on fan suggestions from YouTube comments. Swatton spoke to TIME about how he ended up where he is — and why he does things the old-fashioned way.

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The PA Report - 500 Hammers

2013-03-17 : The Penny Arcade Report

500 hammers, years of experience, and an amazing workshop: the man behind your favorite swords

Tony Swatton is founder of Sword and the Stone, a company that creates swords, armor, and props for Hollywood. He also owns 500 hammers. “But I can quit whenever I want,” he told me when we spoke. If you’ve ever seen a sword or a blade in a movie, there is a very good chance he created it.

He’s now working on a series of YouTube videos called “Man at Arms,” where he creates reproductions of famous weapons from pop culture, including weapons from Game of Thrones, Adventure Time, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. “I started at the age of 7, cutting gemstones, getting into silversmithing by the time I was 13, when I was 15 I started making knives, at 17 I saw a guy making armor and copied his tools and made some armor, by 24 I had a retail shop supplying the movie industry with swords, jewelry, armor, costumes, that sort of thing,” he told me.

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Last Call with Carson Daly Spotlight

2013-03-01: Last Call with Carson Daly Spotlight Interview

Tony was interviewed on Last Call with Carson Daly. Check out the video clip below...

Living By The Sword: Meet The Man Who Makes Weapons For Katniss, Jack Sparrow And More

2013-02-13: Fast Co.Create Article

With his "Man at Arms" web series, propmaster Tony Swatton shows off his gift for making memorable weaponry by re-creating famous movie arsenals.

Tony Swatton is a pretty sharp guy. And he’s got the swords to prove it.

The formidable propmaster has created all manner of weapons for over 200 feature films, in the process becoming Hollywood’s go-to guy for battle-centric movies. In addition to his day job, though, Swatton has lately stepped out from behind the camera and into his own web series. Man at Arms challenges the swordsmith each week with a famous movie prop he must replicate. It’s a rare glimpse into the surprising world of prop-creation, which mirrors the making of actual weapons--something else the artist knows about.

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