How To Make Prop Armor - PREVIEW - Special Effects Character Creation Tutorial with Tony Swatton

2012-11-17: Stan Winston School

How to Make Prop Armor


Ever wanted to craft your own armor, but didn't know where to begin? Welcome to your starting point. Here, you'll learn everything you ever needed to know from a real life blacksmith.

Watch as Tony Swatton, owner and founder of Sword & Stone in Burbank, takes you through each metal-forming step of recreating a 16th century closed helmet. You've seen much of his armor in films and television, and now he's teaching his skills to you.

-- Patterning and cutting out the aluminum
-- Using hand tools to form the metal
-- Using larger fabrication tools to speed up the process
-- Welding together the pieces
-- Electrochemically etching the metal

Approximate Run Time: 02:15:30

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