Break Media’s ‘Man At Arms’ Gives NMR The Full Behind-the-Scenes Destruction Tour [VIDEO]

2013-04-24: New Media Rockstars

man at arms1 Break Medias Man At Arms Gives NMR The Full Behind the Scenes Destruction Tour [VIDEO]
I like everything about “Man At Arms,” the blacksmith adventure show found on Break Media’s AWE ME channel. In fact, I like it so much, that when the good people of Break invited NMR down to Tony Swatton’s “The Sword & the Stone” blacksmith shop to watch them film, I started screaming and punching holes in walls. Then, when I found out we were scheduled to come down on the day when they would be using the built swords to destroy stuff, I took off my clothes and started a fire (I don’t have a appropriate comprehension of social norms …).

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