The PA Report - 500 Hammers

2013-03-17 : The Penny Arcade Report

500 hammers, years of experience, and an amazing workshop: the man behind your favorite swords

Tony Swatton is founder of Sword and the Stone, a company that creates swords, armor, and props for Hollywood. He also owns 500 hammers. “But I can quit whenever I want,” he told me when we spoke. If you’ve ever seen a sword or a blade in a movie, there is a very good chance he created it.

He’s now working on a series of YouTube videos called “Man at Arms,” where he creates reproductions of famous weapons from pop culture, including weapons from Game of Thrones, Adventure Time, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. “I started at the age of 7, cutting gemstones, getting into silversmithing by the time I was 13, when I was 15 I started making knives, at 17 I saw a guy making armor and copied his tools and made some armor, by 24 I had a retail shop supplying the movie industry with swords, jewelry, armor, costumes, that sort of thing,” he told me.

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