Luna's Hiatus: Movie Swords with Tony Swatton and UK updates

2012-06-07 : SBG Sword Forum Article

One of the last things I did before finishing my final semester of college was to take a special course about film-making on location in Hollywood.

While I was over there I had an opportunity to meet Tim Weske, a sword master and fight choreographer who did the sword work on films like Master and Commander of the Far Side of the World and Peter Pan. Tim was a great and generous guy who shared stories about the late Bob Anderson (who was a friend) and the meticulous William Hobbs among other big swashbuckling names, and he discussed with me the ways sword choreography has changed over the years for stage and film.

When I first spoke to him, it came up in conversation that I collected swords and was interested in sword design, so he recommended that I also set up a meeting with his friend Tony, who "makes swords for movies." Tim referred me as a non-crazy person and Tony allowed me to come visit his shop to watch him work.

The day of the shop visit, I realized that this blade maker was Tony Swatton. He doesn't just make swords for movies, he makes ALL the swords for movies. Zorro, Blade, Hellboy, X-Men, Spider-man, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Last Samurai, The Patriot, Hook----pretty much any film that did major shooting in Hollwood and featured a blade--Tony made it. Films shot in, say, New Zealand need a local blacksmith overseas to do swordly things, but when things are shot stateside it's Tony's turf...

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