Tony Swatton Biography - Stan Winston

2011-05-26 : Tony Swatton Biography (Stan Winston)

Costumer, Propmaker, Blacksmith - Tony Swatton is the King of Sword & Stone.


Tony is a transplant from England who is self taught in the craft of the blacksmith. He is a workaholic who can be found pounding a way on weapons, armour, and fine jewelry throughout the night and into the mornings. He is the owner and founder of Sword & Stone.

His credits designing character-defining accoutrements and apparel for feature film include, HOOK, BLADE I, II & III, THE MASK OF ZORRO, HIGHLANDER: ENDGAME, THE SCORPION KING, MASTER AND COMMANDER, THE LAST SAMMURAI, DAREDEVIL, VAN HELSING, HELLBOY, THE LEGEND OF ZORRO and the first 3 PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films, among many others.

Located in Burbank, CA, Sword & Stone was founded over 20 years ago by Master Blacksmith, Tony Swatton. Much more than a full service blacksmith shop, it has become the trusted source for handcrafted, custom designed and historically accurate pieces. Sword & Stone specializes in built to order edged weapons, armour and props for the television, film, music, and fashion industries, as well as the serious collector.

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