Living By The Sword: Meet The Man Who Makes Weapons For Katniss, Jack Sparrow And More

2013-02-13: Fast Co.Create Article

With his "Man at Arms" web series, propmaster Tony Swatton shows off his gift for making memorable weaponry by re-creating famous movie arsenals.

Tony Swatton is a pretty sharp guy. And he’s got the swords to prove it.

The formidable propmaster has created all manner of weapons for over 200 feature films, in the process becoming Hollywood’s go-to guy for battle-centric movies. In addition to his day job, though, Swatton has lately stepped out from behind the camera and into his own web series. Man at Arms challenges the swordsmith each week with a famous movie prop he must replicate. It’s a rare glimpse into the surprising world of prop-creation, which mirrors the making of actual weapons--something else the artist knows about.

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